The Leaf Carrier and its led plant lights give you more cultivation control

Increase your growth capacity thanks to the innovative led plant lights on the Leaf Carrier.

Bever Innovations is an innovator when it comes to plant cultivation techniques with led lighting. This mobile, flexible and plug-and-play grow trolley with led lighting not only guarantees a maximum yield and cultivation area per square metre, but also a minimum energy consumption per plant.

The unique, energy-efficient led lights in the Leaf Carrier combine the red and blue light that is essential for plant cultivation and growth. Because the led lights are mixed directly at source, each plant on the plant tray receives exactly the right colour spectrum. In combination with optimum heat distribution, the Leaf Carrier ensures an even emergence and growth of your plants, both in the middle and at the edge of each planting tray.


Renewed 7 layer Leaf Carrier:

'Technical optimisations offer even wider
usability and more user-friendliness'


water resistance


light output


New APP and
more EOS functionality

Advantages of the Leaf Carrier

Maximum cultivation area per m

Minimal heat generation

High light uniformity

Scalable and flexible

Integrated design

Smart Technology


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PRODUCT INNOVATION: Improved 7-layer Leaf Carrier

‘Technical optimizations offer even wider deployment and greater usability’ Bever Innovations introduces its updated 7-layer Leaf Carrier. This innovative grow

‘Vertical farm crops have more flavour and a longer shelf life’

“In a closed cultivation cell you have maximum influence on conditions such as temperature, humidity and light. This allows you
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The Leaf Carrier with led plant lights can be used for various applications

Production of young vegetable and herb plants


To guarantee a fast and efficient production of vegetables and herbs, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, courgettes, basil and mint, growers not only depend on the climate conditions in their greenhouse, but also on the (uniform) product quality and size of the young plants. The development from seed to young plant must therefore be done extremely carefully. For young vegetable and herb plants, the cultivation process must be as fast, consistent and (cost-) efficient as possible. The 10-layer waterproof Leaf Carrier plant grow cart with led lighting can provide this.


Sprouts and cresses


Micro vegetables, sprouts and cresses are highly nutritious and excellent for seasoning, main ingredients and garnishing meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. For the production of, for example, alfalfa sprouts, radish sprouts, sunflower sprouts, broccoli sprouts, pea shoots, mustard sprouts, beetroot sprouts, rocket cress and watercress, two to three weeks are usually sufficient, provided that the best climate conditions are met. The 10- and 7-layer waterproof Leaf Carrier led grow trolley can provide this. 


Plant tissue production in climate cells, labs and in vitro environments


The cells of many cut flowers, garden plants, shrubs and trees have the potential to grow into completely new plants, provided the environment in which they are grown meets the best climatic conditions. Temperature, humidity and light intensity, among other things, must be separately and extremely accurately regulated for successful tissue cultivation. Moreover, the environment must be (semi-)sterile and stable. The 15-layer (waterproof) Leaf Carrier plant cultivation trolley with integrated led grow lighting can provide an excellent solution for this.


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Watch the Bever Innovations Horticulture movie here.
Watch the Bever Innovations Horticulture movie here. If you have any questions about our Leaf Carrier with plant led lighting, or about the benefits of the led lights for your specific cultivation process, please contact us and let our specialists advise you. Take a look at our projects as well and find inspiration.
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"The Leaf Carrier enabled the doubling of the cultivation area within the existing space."

Ard Stoutjesdijk, Operational Manager.

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