Bever Innovations Anniversary

Bever Innovations celebrates 25 years of developing, growing and connecting

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From a simple log cabin to an impressive, sustainable new building on the Techniekweg in Zierikzee, the Netherlands. From 1 to 50 employees. From supplying only in the Netherlands to over 80 countries worldwide. From roller conveyor price displays and Site Alarm Servers to multi-layer Leaf Carrier grow carts with EOS technology. And from a beer at 5 pm to… oh no, that’s still the case. Yet, a tremendous amount has changed in the past 25 years! What began in 1996 as a small, technical design and consulting company has grown into a strong and healthy international player in intelligent LED products. 2022 is the first of another 25 years of Bever Innovations. Together with our employees and customers we would like to continue building a sustainable and circular future full of LED innovations. Also in the horticulture sector. LEDs connect the future!

Bever Innovations has been at home in LED technology for 25 years. Starting in the petrol retail market, in recent years we have expanded into the industrial and horticultural sectors. Although this last market is a relatively new market, great impact was made immediately. For example, the Bever Leaf Carrier appears to have a great, positive influence on the development and growth of plant tissues, seeds and small plants. Moreover, thanks to the multi-layer cultivation carts, available square meters are maximally utilized.

Maximum cultivation area per square meter

The expansion into the horticulture market is the result of a direct demand from the market. For years, fern company VitroPlus had been growing indoors, in a climate-controlled cell and in several layers. However, with the rapidly growing demand for high-quality fern varieties, there was a lack of space. Could this be solved within the existing space? Bever Innovations took up the challenge with a healthy curiosity and urge to develop, and with its extensive knowledge of LED technology. With limited resources, a first prototype was developed: an LED plate that could be mounted in the existing racks. However, they soon came to the conclusion that techniques could be better integrated and optimized with a complete grow cart. This realization led to the development of the 15-layer Leaf Carrier, which allowed Vitro Plus to place 3x as many products on the same number of square meters!

Exactly the right color spectrum

Meanwhile the Leaf Carrier is also available in 10 and 7 layers and in a waterproof version. In addition to maximum yield and cultivation area per square meter of floor space, each grow cart guarantees minimum energy consumption per plant. The integrated LED lighting bundles the red and blue light essential for plant cultivation right at the source, so that each plant on the trolley receives exactly the right color spectrum. Combined with optimal heat distribution, the mobile Leaf Carrier ensures an even emergence and growth of plants, seeds and tissues. Thanks to the integration of Bever Innovations EOS technology and app, growers can easily switch the light on and off on the plates. They can also (pre)program switching on and off times and adjust light intensities. Both per growing cart and also per layer, exactly according to the (cycle) needs of their products.

For clean and dirty growing environments

At this moment the Leaf Carrier grow carts are mainly used in clean, laboratory-like growing environments. In the future, Bever Innovations would like to serve the somewhat dirtier environments as well. The introduction of the waterproof Leaf Carrier is a great first step to do so.