Meet Jordi Mol, Business Development Manager.

Marketing Bever Innovations

‘We have a fantastic product on our hands!’

What I like about Bever Innovations is that they don’t just sell one standard product. Instead, there is a strong focus on innovation and development, and on listening to challenges and needs in the market. As a born and bred ‘Zeeuw’, I am also very happy to return to my roots. For some time, I cautiously looked around me, looking for an innovative and horticulture-related company. That comes together very well in this job. On 1 October 2021, I started as Business Development Manager within the Horticulture division. It’s my job to continuously increase the brand awareness and market share of our Leaf Carriers. A nice challenge, because we have a fantastic product!

For many years, I worked as a Technical Engineer for a company in Leiden that designs and builds industrial refrigeration systems, freezer systems, ripening chambers and plant growth chambers. In this role, I not only built up a broad network in the horticultural world, but also discovered numerous (new) techniques. A mutual client introduced me to Bever Innovations’ Leaf Carrier grow carts, for example, and that’s how the ball started rolling. I was immediately impressed by the advantages of the grow carts, such as a maximum cultivation area per square metre, even light distribution and excellent controllability. But also the cleverly integrated LED techniques, because they enable you to grow young plants in a very efficient way.

My ambition with the Horticulture division is to be a well-known player in the market within five years. But also to realise beautiful reference projects all over the world. To make this possible, I like to introduce old acquaintances and new prospects to our techniques and advantages. Naturally, I listen carefully to their needs, so that we can grow together.

Contact Jordi:

Tel: +31 (0)6 81 86 73 92