Stephan den Boer, Business Development Manager

‘I support and follow our sales staff as a sort of flying goalkeeper’

Bever Innovations is an innovative company, where I have plenty of space for personal development. I joined the organisation in 2019, and right now I’m still learning a great deal. This is no surprise, because Bever Innovations serves a specific market. Optimal product and market knowledge is essential to offer good advice about our products. At present, this is my top priority. As a sort of flying goalkeeper, I support and follow the sales staff in the international petroleum retail market, the industrial market and the horticulture sector. I’m also working hard to develop my own sales network. The goal of all this is to find my place in the organisation, and to take Bever Innovations to the next level as part of the sales team.

While I don’t have a technical background, I’m very charmed by the technology and innovation behind our products. This includes the EOS technology, which allows luminaires to be set up, monitored and managed easily. Or the Leaf Carrier, which permits optimal growth yield per square metre. However, I’m most enthusiastic about the open corporate culture at Bever Innovations. We’re a real team, and I have plenty of space for personal development. In fact, “no” is never an answer. This means I’m really proud to work here.

From 2013 to 2018, I studied Commercial Economics at the HZ University of Applied Sciences. During my studies, my work included the marketing for a water softener company. All the same, the account management/sales side appealed more to me. This is why I began selling solar panels and solar boilers to consumers in 2018. However, I missed the long-term relationships with customers, which are a big part of my work at Bever Innovations. It’s a fantastic opportunity to develop my skills in this area. My ambition for the coming years is to grow along with the organisation, so that we can both excel in our field.