The Leaf Carrier: an innovative multi-layer led trolley

This innovative, flexible and plug-and-play multi-layer Danish led trolley combines the best conditions for your plants with very energy-efficient led grow lighting. Get more control over your plant cultivation and benefit from a maximum yield per m², against a minimum energy consumption per plant!

The various features of this multi-layer Danish led trolley with energy-efficient lighting

To make sure that plants grow optimally in an indoor environment, our Danish trolley with led lighting provides a maximum cultivation area per m². The leds are integrated in the side of every layer and the light uniformity is high, which creates an even light image and enables you to utilise every square metre. For this reason, the multi-layer construction of the led trolley is perfect for effective vertical farming in your greenhouse with maximum results. In addition, thanks to the smart EOS Technology from Bever Innovation, you are able to fully control the led grow trolley and the cultivation of your plants in the most efficient way.

Production of young vegetable and herb plants


Leaf carrier - 10 layer

For vegetable and herb seedlings the growing process needs to proceed as swiftly, consistently, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The 10-layer, waterproof Leaf Carrier LED grow trolley is the ideal product to ensure this.

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Production of micro-vegetables, sprouts and cresses


Leaf carrier - 10 or 7 layer

Correct placement of the LEDs and a clever structure of the trays ensure uniform lighting, meaning you can rest assured that your micro vegetables, vegetable sprouts and cresses will emerge uniformly and their growth will be stable.

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Plant tissue production in
climate cells, labs and in vitro environments


Leaf carrier - 15 layer

To ensure that tissue cultivation succeeds, growers need to be able to control variables as temperature, humidity and light intensity separately and with the highest degree of accuracy. Furthermore, the environment will need to be stable as well as sterile (or semi-sterile). The 15-layer (waterproof) Leaf Carrier cultivation trolleys  perfect for this purpose.

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Discover the advantages of our led grow trolley for your plants

Are you curious about how the Leaf Carrier can ensure more efficiency and better cultivation results? Our team is happy to provide you with more information about our multi-layer Danish trolley with led lighting. Contact us by phoning +31(0)111 74 54 00 or sending email to and discover the possibilities for your cultivation purposes.