Leaf Carrier

This innovative, flexible and plug-and-play multi-layer cultivation trolley with integrated LED lighting enables very uniform plant growth in a space efficient way.

Leaf carrier - 3 available types

For every application, there is different size Leaf Carrier available. We offer 3 different sizes:

Leaf carrier

This innovative, flexible and plug-and-play multi-layer led trolley combines the best conditions for your plants with very energy-efficient led grow lighting.

  • The Leaf Carrier distinguishes itself by its minimal layer thickness and maximum load-bearing capacity of the plant trays. Because the LEDs are integrated in the trays on which the seeds develop, a maximum cultivation area is created per m² of floor space.
  • With the Leaf Carrier you have – on only 1 m² of floor space –up to 15 m² of growing surface at your disposal!
  • Add-ons are available for the Leaf Carrier, think for example of an ebb and flow irrigation system to provide all plants with sufficient water or active cooled layers for preventing condensation in closed boxes for tissue culture purposes.


The unique, energy-efficient LED lighting in the Leaf Carrier combines the red and blue light essential for your seeds or plants. Due to the fact that the light is being mixed at source, each plant on the plant tray is given exactly the right colour spectrum. In combination with optimum heat distribution, the Leaf Carrier ensures that your plants emerge and grow uniformly, both in the middle and at the edge of each tray. As no distance needs to be factored in for light mixing, all plants can be positioned very close to the LEDs, without the risk of burning them. Emerging uniformly, growing stably is enabled with the Leaf Carrier. Thus keeping failed plants to an absolute minimum.
The Leaf Carrier uses special LED technology to stimulate the growth of crop. However, certain situations require specific light solutions. The Leaf Carrier can be equipped with different spectra to suit different stages in the growth of crops.

Horticulture white

Horticulture white is a more full spectrum solution to enable growers to see their crop better. If a grower has a labor intensive process and has a lot of people working around the trolley, this spectrum will fit them perfectly. You’ll be able to assess your plants in the blink of an eye without having to turn the trolley off. Horticulture white is a generic growth spectrum with 17% blue, 29% green and 53% red and 7% far red.

Purple (2,5%/12,5%/25%)

The original purple spectrum of the Leaf Carrier comes in 3 different options: - 3,5%, 5,5% green and 91% red and 21% far red - 15,5%, 7,2% green and 77,3% red and 16.5% far red - 25,2%, 7.8% green and 67% red and 14% far red This spectrum is characterized by the purple color and fits well with various applications. think of, for example, tissue culture, hardening off seedlings, propagation and germination.


Due to the smart integration of the LEDs in the aluminum side profiles on each layer, heat will be very efficient dissipated to the environment. This result in a minimal heat generation on the plant layer itself, which makes it possible to create an optimal growth climate on the Leaf Carrier’s layers.


Mobile cultivation trolley prevents products from having to be transferred
Moving the mobile Leaf Carrier from the cultivation area through to the processing department and vice versa is straightforward. Thus saving valuable (transfer) time.
No major upfront investment
Above all, the Leaf Carrier means no major upfront investment is required. All you need is a room with power supply! Why not just start with a single Leaf Carrier and add cultivation trolleys as your business grows?
Great Return On Investment (ROI)
Climate chambers, labs and in vitro environments entail relatively high investment (CAPEX) and operational costs (OPEX). A high Return On Investment is made possible due to the Leaf Carrier allowing for an extremely high plant density: up to 15 m² of cultivation surface per square meter of floor space.



The waterproof Leaf Carrier distinguishes itself by means of its minimalistic, functional, robust and hygienic design. The cultivation trolley satisfies the standard for protection class IP65 and is extremely waterproof and dustproof. All cables, power supply units and intelligence have been incorporated into the frame of the cultivation trolley, thereby minimising the trolley’s susceptibility to damage and preventing such things as dirt, dust and mud from accumulating anywhere. Both the trays and the frame are extremely easy to clean.


The Leaf Carrier can be used for various applications. Now we have two add-ons available that will help you to get even more out of your cultivation trolley:

active layer cooling


irrigation tray

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The Leaf Carrier comes with the Smart Technology from Bever Innovations Horticulture Lighting as standard, enabling users to manage and control plant trays straightforwardly and separately. An app on your smartphone or tablet not only makes it easy to switch the light on the plant trays on and off but also enables on and off times to be (pre-)programmed and light intensities (μmol) to be adjusted. Both for each individual cultivation trolley and for each individual plant tray and entirely in accordance with the (cycle) needs of your seedlings. An optimum growth climate at minimal energy consumption is the sustainable result.

An Internet/Wi-Fi infrastructure is not required to be able to use the Smart Technology locally. Anyone wishing to be able to also manage and control the cultivation trolleys remotely and through the Bever Innovations web portal will find it sufficient to add a special Connected Bridge (gateway) with Internet connection.



The Bever App for the Leaf Carrier is based on an API (Application Programming Interface). The benefit of using an API is that it makes it possible to integrate third-party systems.

A bridge is needed for the purposes of integration with third-party operating systems. This is a component that can convert incoming information into a ‘language’ that the Leaf Carrier understands and vice versa. Hence this is done through the API. From there, the data can be exchanged with external operating systems as well as with our own CMS (Content Management System). We call this the SMART Dashboard. The SMART Dashboard makes managing your Leaf Carriers centrally and through an external control platform straightforward.


Production of young vegetable and herb plants

For vegetable and herb seedlings the growing process needs to proceed as swiftly, consistently, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The 10-layer, waterproof Leaf Carrier LED grow trolley is the ideal product to ensure this.

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Production of micro-vegetables, sprouts and cresses

Correct placement of the LEDs and a clever structure of the trays ensure uniform lighting, meaning you can rest assured that your micro vegetables, vegetable sprouts and cresses will emerge uniformly and their growth will be stable.

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Plant tissue production in
climate cells, labs and in vitro environments


Leaf carrier - 15 layer

To ensure that tissue cultivation succeeds, growers need to be able to control variables as temperature, humidity and light intensity separately and with the highest degree of accuracy. Furthermore, the environment will need to be stable as well as sterile (or semi-sterile). The 15-layer (waterproof) Leaf Carrier cultivation trolleys  perfect for this purpose.

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