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On 25 September, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce will announce the top 100 of the most innovative Dutch SMEs in 2019.
The SME Innovation Top 100 is a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of innovations and businesses and to offer innovators in the SME sector a chance to network and gain knowledge. This event is organized by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The nominations are graded on the impact for the branch and society, originality, turnover and growth potential. The power of the initiative is to show the potential of the SME sector in the Netherlands. In the past years, the ranking has grown to the biggest and most important innovation awards for the SME sector.

Our innovation – the Leaf Carrier
‘Our nomination is a fantastic token of recognition, as well as confirmation that we’re on the right track as an organization’, says Johan Katerberg, former Business Development Manager Urban Farming. ‘With our Leaf Carrier, we’ve developed a product that’s not only distinctive but also adds value at a time when we’re changing our approach to food.’

the Leaf Carrier, cultivation trolley

Increasing demand
The world’s population is growing strongly, which means there’s increasing demand for fresh food that must be cultivated in an increasingly sustainable manner. Local, without pesticides and with as little water as possible, adds Katerberg. ‘Our Leaf Carrier is making an excellent contribution in this respect.’

The Leaf Carrier is a cultivation trolley featuring 7, 10 or 15 layers, which distinguish themselves by way of a minimum thickness (9 mm) and maximum load-bearing capacity in terms of plant trays. ‘The fact that we’ve integrated LED lighting into the trays that contain the seedlings has resulted in maximum cultivation surface per square meter of floor space. Each trolley (2.27 meters tall) can easily hold up to 15 plant trays, giving the horticulturalist no less than 14 m2 of cultivation surface in just 1 m2 of floor space. Correct placement of the LEDs and a clever structure to the translucent plant trays ensure uniform lighting. Both in the middle and at the edge of the plant trays, meaning seedlings emerge uniformly and their growth is stable.’

The Leaf Carrier is fully plug-and-play. Major investments are not required. A room with power supply is all you need to be able to get growing, says Katerberg. ‘We’re not only homing in on burgeoning demand on the part of horticulturalists but also providing a solution for such entities as hotels and supermarkets that are keen to grow their food in a different, sustainable way.’

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We would be thrilled to be part of the KVK Innovation Top 100 award this year. Please support us with your vote to make Bever Innovations Horticulture the most innovative SME of 2019.

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