• Innovative led lighting

  • Scalable and flexible

  • Smart technology

Led lights for indoor growing

The Leaf Carrier from Bever Innovations, with led lights for indoor growing, is the perfect tool to get more control over your plant cultivation. This plug-and-play led trolley is available for both small and large businesses that grow vegetable and herb plants. Thanks to the high level of flexibility and the different layers of the Leaf Carrier with led lights, you are ensured of the right investment for your indoor growing. We are happy to tell you more about its benefits.


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The benefits of our Leaf Carrier with integrated led lights for indoor growing

Planten onder lamp
The Leaf Carrier with led lights for plant growth is available with seven, ten or fifteen layers. Besides, purchasing a minimum number of trolleys is not mandatory, so that you can always add new trolleys if you are expanding your business and increase your production capacity. The led lights for indoor growing, which are integrated into the Leaf Carrier, provide a maximum cultivation area per m2. Next to the high loading capacity of the layers, the led lights in the side of the layers ensure that the cultivation area can be optimally utilised for indoor growing. Other great benefits are the low heat generation, high light uniformity, and the smart technology. This technology enables you to manage the layers of the Leaf Carrier independently.

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