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RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – our basis for innovation.
Trends, technologies and developments follow each other at lightning pace in the lighting industry. Research and development are essential if we are to home in on the wishes and needs of customers and prospects and guarantee a high standard of product quality. It’s for good reason that Research & Development is one of the core values of our company. It’s the key to our competitive advantage and in recent years has given rise to a wide array of new applications as well as innovations.

Our new innovations:

Leaf carrier with ACTIVE LAYER COOLING solution

The Leaf Carrier with an active layer cooling is a solution perfect for tissue culture. Growing in cultivation vessels can be made more difficult by condensation. This occurs because of the heat emitted by the light source. Therefor we have created an extra layer which is water-cooled. This layer is fitted onto a leaf layer and is provided with central water supply/drain with universal connecter. Connect the layer to a cooling system and set the water temperature e.g. 1°C lower than its surrounding temperature to prevent condensation in the cultivation vessels and ensure perfect growth.


The Leaf Carrier can be fitted with an irrigation solution. Bever innovations has created its own ebb and flow tray, which can be used separately or can be provided with a filter and central water supply/drain with universal connecter.

The irrigation tray works according to the ebb/flow principle in its most simple form. It will fill itself quicker than it drains. The flow is controlled by a water dropper. The irrigation tray has a connection box that lends itself to different connections, if a grower wants to create a larger or better manageable water flow.

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