One name, one corporate identity and one clear vision

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Bever Innovations, Reveb Industrial Lighting and Reveb Horticulture Lighting will continue life as one identity as of the 1st of June. The company will have one name, one corporate identity and one clear vision; namely, to develop, produce and supply the most efficient lighting solutions for the retail fuel market, industry and the horticultural sector. Sustainable, safe, intelligent and future-proof, but also custom-made for your company.

Bever Innovations has earned its spurs in intelligent LED solutions for the retail fuel market. Rather than just LED displays and LED luminaries, the company has been supplying total solutions for outdoor terrain, canopy, shop and price displays since 1996, whereby optimum visibility, safety and energy-efficiency have gone hand in hand with easy operation (remote). “In recent years, we have added various new applications to this range”, explains Erwin Dingemanse, Commercial Director at Bever Innovations. “For example, around six years ago, the opportunity arose to also use our LED products in the industrial sector. This was a completely new market segment, where one normally encounters extreme conditions. But our intelligent lighting solutions were – after a few minor adjustments – ideal for these conditions.”

Focus on our roots

In 2014, a new company, with its own corporate identity, was set up to clearly showcase these products and potential solutions in the market: Reveb Industrial Lighting. “However, in practice, we noticed that we regularly had to rely on our roots”, says Dingemanse. “Customers seemed to really appreciate our experience and references in the retail fuel market, which kind of blurred the lines between the two companies.”

This was re-emphasised a few years ago, when the R&D department at Bever Innovations developed two new products for the horticulture sector. “Due to demand from the market, we introduced a cultivation concept with integrated LED lighting in 2016, which helped to ensure a stable growing process, maximum cultivation surface per square metre of the cultivation cell as well as efficient logistics”, adds Dingemanse. “Although the products in no way related to industry and the retail fuel market, there was a lot of interest in the story behind the new company. This was reason enough for us – at the same time that our head office in Zierikzee was commissioned – to continue operations under one business name, with one corporate identity and one clear vision. We decided to opt for ‘Bever Innovations’ because this name has more than proven its worth in the market. However, we will be making a distinction between the Fuel, Industrial and Horticulture divisions as of June.”