Leaf Carrier for production of young vegetable and herb plants.

  • The Leaf Carrier distinguishes itself by its minimal layer thickness (9 mm) and maximum load-bearing capacity of the plant trays. Because the LEDs are integrated in the trays on which the seeds develop, a maximum cultivation area is created per m² of growing space.
  • With the 10-layer Leaf Carrier (2.00 metres high) you have – on only 1 m² of floor space – no less than 9.4 m² of growing surface at your disposal!
  • A commonly used seed tray has a size of 40 x 60 cm. On one layer of the Leaf Carrier exactly 4 of these trays fit. That’s 40 trays on the 10-layer Leaf Carrier, which means that a few thousand young vegetable and herb plants can be grown on one seed cart.
  • If desired, an optional aluminium plate can be attached to the 10-layer Leaf Carrier, on which larger weights can be placed. Think for example of an ebb and flow system to provide all seeds with sufficient water, demand-controlled.

In order to be able to guarantee swift, efficient production of vegetables and herbs such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, chillies, courgettes, basil and mint, growers are dependent not only on the climate conditions in their greenhouse but also on the (uniform) product quality and dimensions of the seedlings. Unsurprisingly, then, the development from seed to germ and seedling has to be managed with the utmost care. For vegetable and herb seedlings the growing process needs to proceed as swiftly, consistently, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The 10-layer, waterproof Leaf Carrier from Bever Innovations is the ideal product to ensure this.

The key benefits for the production of vegetable and herb seedlings:

Seeding, germinating and developing vegetable and herb seedlings is a process largely done in climate chambers, labs and in vitro environments, where such variables as temperatures, light, humidity and CO2 can be controlled on demand. And yet there are still plenty of growers who opt for a ‘greenhouse in a greenhouse’ system, which entails humid air being pumped in and the seedlings being dependent on the sunlight available. Nevertheless, it is not easy to acquire maximum control over this process and to combat adverse effects such as rotting, drying out and/or burning.

Until recently, the production of vegetable and herb seedlings was largely done in the ground or in fixed racks and standard CC/Danish trolleys. There are a fair few issues with both systems, however. Planting in the ground drastically reduces the maximum quantity of cultivation surface available, and production in fixed racks and standard trolleys presents challenges too. For example, getting all the seedlings on these racks and in these trolleys to grow properly and evenly is not straightforward. The propagators/trays with mineral wool, coconut, perlite or potting soil have to be switched round and/or turned regularly to ensure that every seed and/or seedling can get the right quantity of light and moisture. Moreover, the products need to be transferred to trolleys for any form of processing (pricking out/replanting, grafting, etc.), for transport to the processing area. The 10-layer, waterproof Leaf Carrier provides a suitable solution for this, with maximum cultivation surface, uniform growth and optimum (logistical) efficiency going perfectly hand in hand. The Leaf Carrier is in its element in climate chambers, labs or in vitro environments, though it can provide considerable benefits in standard greenhouses too. It is not without reason that the innovative, mobile cultivation trolley is being welcomed by an increasing number of seedling growers with open arms!

Maximum cultivation surface per m² floor space

The Leaf Carrier distinguishes itself by minimising the thickness of its layers (9 mm) whilst maximising the load-bearing capacity of the plant trays. The fact that the LEDs have been integrated into the trays on which the seeds are developing means that cultivation surface per square metre of cultivation area is maximised. Standing 2.00 metres tall, the 10-layer Leaf Carrier will give you at least 9.4 m² of cultivation surface on just 1 m² of floor space! Seed trays commonly measure 40 x 60 cm. Four of these trays will fit exactly on one layer of the Leaf Carrier, for a total of 28 trays on the 7-layer Leaf Carrier and a total of 40 trays on the 10-layer Leaf Carrier. Consequently, up to several thousand vegetable and herb seedlings can be cultivated on a single cultivation trolley.

An optional, the aluminum plate can be fitted on the 10-layer Leaf Carrier if you so choose. This can support more weight. Consider in this regard such additions as an ebb and flow system to provide all the seeds with sufficient water on demand.

Precisely the right spectrum of colour

The unique, energy-efficient LED lighting in the Leaf Carrier combines the red and blue light essential for vegetable and herb seedlings. Due to the fact that the light is being mixed at source, each seed on the plant tray is given exactly the right colour spectrum. In combination with optimum heat distribution, the Leaf Carrier ensures that your seedlings emerge and grow uniformly, both in the middle and at the edge of each tray. As no distance needs to be factored in for light mixing, all the seeds can be positioned very close to the LEDs, without the risk of burning them. Thus keeping failed vegetable and herb seeds to an absolute minimum.Emerging uniformly, growing stably

Correct placement of the LEDs and a clever structure to the translucent trays ensure uniform lighting. Both in the middle and at the edge of the plant trays, meaning you can rest assured that your seedlings will emerge uniformly and their growth will be stable. The high degree of light uniformity means that the distance between the seedlings and the plate above can be considerably smaller than is the case with traditional systems.

No risk of heating up/drying out

The LED lighting in the Leaf Carrier scarcely generates any heat. And placing the cultivation products on an advanced plastic tray prevents heat generation among the seeds/seedlings as well as evaporation (water loss). Meaning that there is no possibility of the seeds/seedlings heating up and/or drying out with the Leaf Carrier.

Distinguishing features of the Leaf Carrier:

Mobile cultivation trolley prevents products from having to be transferred

Moving the mobile Leaf Carrier from the cultivation area through to the processing department and vice versa is straightforward. Thus saving valuable (transfer) time.

No major upfront investment

Above all, the Leaf Carrier means no major upfront investment is required. All you need is a room with power supply! Why not just start with a single 10-layer Leaf Carrier and add cultivation trolleys as your business grows?

Great Return On Investment (ROI)

Climate chambers, labs and in vitro environments entail relatively high investment (CAPEX) and operational costs (OPEX). A high Return On Investment is made possible due to the 10-layer Leaf Carrier allowing for an extremely high plant density: up to 9.4 m² of cultivation surface per square metre of floor space.

Waterproof, robust and hygienic

The waterproof Leaf Carrier distinguishes itself by means of its minimalistic, functional, robust and hygienic design. The cultivation trolley satisfies the standard for protection class IP65 and is extremely waterproof and dustproof. All cables, power supply units and intelligence have been incorporated into the frame of the cultivation trolley, thereby minimising the trolley’s susceptibility to damage and preventing such things as dirt, dust and mud from accumulating anywhere. Both the trays and the frame are extremely easy to clean.

An optimum growth climate at minimal energy consumption

The Leaf Carrier comes with the Smart Technology from Bever Innovations Horticulture Lighting as standard, enabling users to manage and control plant trays straightforwardly and separately. An app on your smartphone or tablet not only makes it easy to switch the light on the plant trays on and off but also enables on and off times to be (pre-)programmed and light intensities (μmol) to be adjusted. Both for each individual cultivation trolley and for each individual plant tray and entirely in accordance with the (cycle) needs of your seedlings. An optimum growth climate at minimal energy consumption is the sustainable result.

An Internet/Wi-Fi infrastructure is not required to be able to use the Smart Technology locally. Anyone wishing to be able to also manage and control the cultivation trolleys remotely and through the Bever Innovations web portal will find it sufficient to add a special Connected Bridge (gateway) with Internet connection.