‘Vertical farm crops have more flavour and a longer shelf life’

marketing Bever Innovations

“In a closed cultivation cell you have maximum influence on conditions such as temperature, humidity and light. This allows you to precisely control plant growth, full flavour and aroma”, says Lennart Bijl, Operations Manager at Own Greens. “Moreover, the cultivation environment is very clean. Bacteria, moulds, germs and vermin are not an issue, which has a very favourable effect on the shelf life of the cultivated products.”

Hygienic environment

A head of lettuce or herb plant from a greenhouse generally spoils quickly due to the bacteria, parasites and viruses found on the outer leaves in particular. “Vertical farming combats this by growing the products in a hygienic environment. What’s more, the Own Greens concept is specific in that we sell the products live and with roots, in a pot with water. But even without these pots we can guarantee a longer shelf life, because the products develop under the best conditions into full and strong plants. For example by playing with the red and blue light that is essential for (leaf)crops and herbs. The Leaf Carrier grow carts from Bever Innovations contribute significantly to this.”

Exactly the right lighting

In the innovative grow carts (Leaf Carrier), the red and blue light is mixed at source. Moreover, the fact that the lighting shines out horizontally ensures an even spread of light, says Stephan den Boer, Sales Representative at Bever Innovations. “Each plant in the vertical growing system therefore receives exactly the desired colour spectrum. This not only results in faster or slower growth and more or less leaf formation, but also in optimal taste, smell and shelf life.”

This post was produced in collaboration with multiple parties, including Own Greens and Bever Innovations.
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