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Grow cart for plant tissue

Our grow cart with integrated led lights provides an excellent solution for more efficient and effective plant tissue production. The lights do not only require minimum energy consumption, but they also ensure a maximum yield. We offer our grow cart for plant tissue production, which is called the Leaf Carrier, in three different variants: seven-, ten- and fifteen-layer. The fifteen-layer version is particularly suitable for plant tissue production in climate cells, labs and in vitro environments. Discover how our Leaf Carrier can help your business to get more results from cultivation.

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Our grow cart ensures a maximum plant tissue cultivation area per m2

Of course, the climatic conditions have to be appropriate to make cells grow into completely new plants. Our grow cart makes successful plant tissue production possible by creating the ideal environment. Because the led lights are integrated in the side of the Leaf Carrier layers, the area for cultivation per m2 is maximised. You can apply vertical farming on just 1m2 and use 15 layers with a growing surface of 14m2. In short, the grow cart provides you with excellent plant tissue production efficiency.

Discover the newest led technologies for cultivation

We have a lot more to tell about the benefits of our Leaf Carrier with integrated led plant lights. Our R&D team continually follows the developments in the lighting industry. Please contact us, ask your questions and discuss your preferences for your cultivation processes. You can phone us at +31(0)111 74 54 00 or send an email to info@beverinnovations.com.