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Vertical farming with innovative led grow lights

If you require an innovative solution for vertical farming for your business, then our Leaf Carrier with led grow lights is your perfect tool. This mobile, flexible, plug-and-play trolley is specially developed for effective and efficient cultivation. Vertical farming requires a lot of control of your cultivation, and this calls for led grow lights that ensure you maximum yields. Both the led lights and the trolley itself will significantly improve your growing results and working processes. The team of Bever Innovations is pleased to tell you more about this product.

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Optimum vertical farming processes with the led grow lights of the Leaf Carrier

Our multi-layer led trolley is the ideal asset for your cultivation activities. The energy-efficient led grow lights combine red and blue light, which are essential for your plants in the vertical farming process. The Leaf Carrier also provides a maximum cultivation area per m2, which is made possible by the integrated led lighting in the side of the layers. Because of the high light uniformity and minimum heat development, you are able to make use of the layers in their entirety and the distance between your plants and the top of the layers can be smaller. Besides the vertical farming of young vegetable and herb plants, the Leaf Carrier with led grow lights is also perfect to use for plant tissue production.

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Discover how you can improve your cultivation processes with the Leaf Carrier and its led grow lights and let us advise you about your vertical farming application. Our team is happy to tell you more about its features and benefits. Please contact us by phoning +31(0)111 74 54 00 or send an email to info@beverinnovations.com.