Growing edible crops under LED lighting: even more benefits

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With vertical farming, (leaf) crops and herbs are grown in closed and multilayer growing systems, which are often set up in (vacant) office buildings, factory buildings, warehouses or containers. “The innovative growing technique does not require direct sunlight, emphasizes Lennart Bijl, Operations Manager at Own Greens. “In fact, by using LED lighting, the best light conditions for the (leafy) crops and herbs can be guaranteed at any time.”

By controlling the light spectrum efficiently, the crops can develop optimally. Light frequency (wavelengths) and light intensity (luminosities) can be set to achieve faster or slower growth, more or less leaf development and optimal taste and smell. The Leaf Carrier grow trolley from Bever Innovations takes this technique to the highest level.

Even emergence and stable growth

“Because the lighting of the Leaf Carrier is located on the side of the growing layers and shines out horizontally, an even light distribution is ensured,” explains Stephan den Boer, Sales Representative at Bever Innovations. “The essential red and blue light for (leaf)crop cultivation and herbs is mixed directly at the source, so each plant receives exactly the right colour spectrum. This ensures that growers get an even emergence and stable growth of their plants. Because the heat from the lighting is also located to the side, there is no heat development under the plant surface and possible tip-burn (burning of leaves). Moreover, considerable savings can be made on cooling. Bijl: “Thanks to the unique Leaf Carrier technique, (leaf) crops and herbs can also grow close to and directly against the plate, allowing a maximum number of plants per square metre to be grown. This makes optimum use of the available growing space.”

Smart Technology

Thanks to the integration of Bever Innovations Smart Technology and by using an app on their smartphone or tablet, growers can easily switch the light on and off on the Leaf Carrier multi-layer LED trolleys. They can also (pre) programme switching on and off times and adjust light intensities. Both per grow cart and per plate and fully in accordance with the (cycle) needs of their products.

This post was produced in collaboration with multiple parties, including Own Greens and Bever Innovations.
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